For Companies

We headhunt/recruit managers, specialists and generalists in all functional areas and at all levels and in all industries.

We are the only ones who offer both headhunting and recruitment to no cure no pay  - and at the same competitive price.

We also have the longest satisfaction guarantee. This we can because our quality & safety are the best in the market.

You can also always use us in parts of your recruitment and pick the items you want in our 10-step concept.

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Our experience

All concepts at Hurecon are based on many years of experience, and our safety / success rate is among the best. They will find that the quality Hurecon provides

Core values

  • We build our business on trust

  • We will be a safe and reliable choice

  • We stand for "no cure no pay"

  • We respect the individual

  • We perform excellent service, preferably extends a little longer than other good consulting companies.