Hurecon started in March 2000.

We are specialists in headhunting & recruitment / search & selection and we have successfully completed several thousand recruitment and headhunting assignments.

In addition, we offer a wide range of competent and current counseling, including the solution of various HR tasks for smaller companies, as well as career counseling for both newly educated and employees in a job change.

Mission, vision and values:

Our mission is for all companies and individuals to be able to provide professional assistance, with the highest level of service, highest security (link to safety) and best guarantees (link tol quarantee)- without "costing a manor house"

Our vision is to be known as the trustworthy and professional sparring partner, who always delivers results at one of the industry's most affordable prices.

Our value base:

  • We build our business on trust.
  • We will be a safe and reliable choice.
  • We stand for "no cure no pay" (link til no cure no pay) - You should not pay for missing results.
  • We respect the individual
  • We perform excellent service

Some of our Testimonials/Recommandations

We are proud of our recommondations, and we think it gives a true and fair view of how we actually operate.

Ken T. Pedersen, Director

We started the cooperation with Hurecon in 2008. Our experience is that they are working structured, thoroughly researching the market and being persistent until the correct solution is found. They have solved many difficult tasks for us, with a very satisfactory result.

Thomas Hansen. CFO

I have been working with Margaret for several years. I have used Margaret's skills within

* Recruitment of employees
* Karierre counseling
* Personal coaching and development of employees
* Mapping the staff's skills and opportunities
* Management team development "roles and competencies"

... all along with the same excellent result. Margaret possesses a very important ability, namely to get in touch with the specific needs of the company in a specific area, make the link to her own field of expertise, and then deliver the exact product / performance / solution you want. It may sound easy, but in my experience, it's often in the phase that goes wrong, many can deliver great powerpoint presentations, but only get the very right concrete solutions / decision-making. It can be Margaret.

Having said that, Margaret's greatest competence is probably her commitment and integrity in relation to her work and the result to be delivered.
This means you have an honest and direct partner rather than a supplier.
Margaret does not sell you anything she does not even stand 100% in. She can challenge you on the task and your own suggestions, she is not afraid to have a different opinion and another suggestion.

Janne Fehrn-Christensen, Director

We have used Margaret Petersen's assistance in recruiting employees since 2003. Interview of applicants has always been conducted in a humorous atmosphere where Margaret has made sure that the relevant information has been asked. The subsequent test has been perceived favorably by applicants, and the report has made a professional contribution to the selection of the right employee. Margaret is very flexible and is often entered with very short notice.

Cees Koetsier, CEO

Hurecon and we have had close cooperation since 2004.
At present, more than 20% of our employees are recruited through Hurecon and we are extremely pleased with each of them.
Hurecon invests a lot of time in embracing the company's culture and work processes. therefore able to find the right candidates. Hurecon is involved from the job description even after coaching.
The individual coaching enables both the new employee and us to get the most out of the cooperation.
The most important thing is to feel that cooperation is a real partnership and you can trust 100% on Hurecon - always.

Morten L. Petersen, CEO

Hurecon is not the only consulting company that guarantees good employees to customers. But the difference is that they do not make conditions, the quality is the best and the terms they are most affordable with their no cure no pay concept. And, in addition, they have longer warranty than others and are cheaper. It's a package you can not thank.
Director Morten Petersen, has only praise for Hurecon. Margaret has the ability to live in the culture and psychology in this house - and is good at judging the right person profile.
Margaret is open, honest and direct. We feel very safe and we trust her experience.


Selected candidates

Claus Rasmussen

I was and am very impressed with Margaret Petersen's abilities. She has been very good at evaluating me for interviews, and I am very positive about the whole process. I'm pretty sure in my case, as I was just about 17 months ago a "recruiting process" at another bureau - a bureau used by many companies, telling people that everything means and putting big weight on high seriousness. Unfortunately, I have to say that the experience with them was boring - even though I got the job. At the job of Hurecon, a candidate was chosen other than me - but despite the fact that I did not get the job, the experience was very positive. At Hurecon there was a professional and serious attitude. While they were a very good ambassador for the business they worked for, I clearly realized that there was a real attention and interest in me as a candidate and not as a "merchandise", which I unfortunately experienced at other agencies.


Keld Krøger

I can clearly remember that I was thinking that too much was smeared, when I read an article about Hurecon for years back. I found it a little too unlikely that the candidates were made so much. I have been pleasantly surprised because there were no exaggerations in the article. From the first contact I felt very well treated. Hurecon was very knowledgeable about the job and the company. In addition, I felt guided and coached about my qualifications and opportunities, which I found very strongly in an employment situation. There was a very close communication, so I was constantly informed about the process and my candidacy. There was a flexibility in the meeting planning, I rarely seen the stomach and feedback on the test were very thorough. At no time did I feel like a random candidate for a job. I have found that I'm not alone with my positive opinion as other jobseekers, whom I have talked to over time, have told me that they have also had an incredibly positive experience of having been through a recruitment process with Hurecon

Our experience

All concepts at Hurecon are based on many years of experience, and our safety / success rate is among the best. They will find that the quality Hurecon provides

Core values

  • We build our business on trust

  • We will be a safe and reliable choice

  • We stand for "no cure no pay"

  • We respect the individual

  • We perform excellent service, preferably extends a little longer than other good consulting companies.