"People are different and must be treated differently to be treated equally." We are specialists in matching.

For companies

"With common values and different competences a team can accomplish everything". We have conducted more than 1000 employments ranging from management plans to students in all disciplines and industries and for small, medium and international companies.

For the jobseeker

"Do not fill your life with days - but your days with life."
We'd like to help with your next step.

”Engelsk tekst” – Henry Ford


For Jobseekers

Vi arbejder i særdeleshed meget med search og headhunting. Til en række aktuelle stillinger søges lige pt. forskellige profiler inden for IT-området.

Du er MEGET velkommen til at ringe på +45 20495451 og høre nærmere

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For Companies

For Companies

Vi headhunter/rekrutterer ledere, specialister og generalister inden for alle funktionsområder og på alle niveauer og inden for alle brancher.
Vi er de eneste, der tilbyder både headhunting og rekruttering til "no cure no pay" – og til samme konkurrencedygtige pris.

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Welcome to Hurecon

Service Provider to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark (Invest in Denmark)
We are specialists in headhunting & recruitment / search & selection and we have successfully completed more than a thousand recruits and headhunting tasks. Both in Denmark and internationally

We started as the first with the no cure no pay concept. We did this because we think that all companies should have the opportunity for professional specialized assistance, with the highest level of service, the highest security (link to security) and the best guarantees - without "costing a manor".

We are very proud that several of our colleagues have followed suit and copied parts of the method in their concepts.

We work 100% according to the no cure no pay principle. Our guarantees and prices are the best in the industry.


Our experience

All concepts at Hurecon are based on many years of experience, and our safety / success rate is among the best. They will find that the quality Hurecon provides

Core values

  • We build our business on trust

  • We will be a safe and reliable choice

  • We stand for "no cure no pay"

  • We respect the individual

  • We perform excellent service, preferably extends a little longer than other good consulting companies.